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Webmecanik is a small marketing technology company based in the French Alps that uses Mautic at the foundation of their Webmecanik Automation offering. They sell both directly to businesses and to agencies, with a different subscription package tailored to each client profile. The Agency package is aimed at agencies who wish to resell Webmechanik Automation instances to their end clients. There is a 3 instance limit, as well as a shared contact limit (undisclosed) for the entry-level Agency plan starting at €6000 annually. 

Webmecanik Automation is only available as a SaaS, which means that the infrastructure is controlled by Webmecanik. The Autoize™ Marketing Automation solution for resellers offers much more flexibility, as it can be hosted on any supported cloud provider. Hosting your own marketing automation platform also means that you can upgrade your infrastructure to a larger capacity to accommodate more clients and contacts at a wholesale price. 

The Autoize™ multi-instance automation solution is based on the same core software as Webmecanik, the Mautic Community Edition. The main difference is that we are not a SaaS – we are a technical solutions provider. We architect and build infrastructure for agencies who want to operate their own marketing automation SaaS, enabling them to earn recurring revenue.

For a one-time onboarding fee, we will deploy & configure a Docker-based cluster in your own cloud tenancy where you can spin up new instances of Mautic with a few clicks. Following that, you pay just the wholesale cost of hosting directly to the cloud provider with $0 markup — starting from $100/mo for 10 instances (est. 100-150K contacts combined).

Our software imposes no hard limits on the number of client instances, nor the number of contacts stored. The number of instances, contacts, and emails supported depends on the size of your cloud resources, which are upgradable through the cloud provider’s dashboard. 

Autoize™ Marketing Automation for Resellers

  • White label with your agency’s name & logo
  • Host on any supported cloud provider
  • $3,440 agency on-boarding fee
  • $100-$255/mo hosting for 10-30 instances
  • Uncapped contacts with scalable infrastructure
  • Set your own prices
  • Keep 100% of profits
  • Initial 1st year investment: $4,640-$7,750 (10-30 instances)
Webmecanik Agency Package
  • Webmecanik Automation branding
  • Infrastructure is controlled by Webmecanik
  • Ongoing cost that increases as you grow
  • €500/mo with a 3 instance limit
  • Shared contact limit between instances
  • Additional instances and contacts for a fee
  • An annual contract applies
  • Initial 1st year investment: From €6000 (3 instances)