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With years of combined experience from former employees of Hubspot Partners, we designed the Autoize™ Marketing Automation Infrastructure as an alternative to Hubspot’s agency partner program. We will build you a white label marketing automation platform customized with your agency’s branding — in your own tenancy with the cloud provider of your choice.

The economics are clearly superior. With our “Business” package, you can host 10 marketing automation instances with no hard contact limit (est. 100-150K contacts combined or 10-15K contacts per instance), at a fraction of the cost of Hubspot’s Professional level subscription for Marketing Hub. With no contact caps or tiers, your ability to grow is only limited by the capacity of your expandable server infrastructure.

Our solution extends the Mautic Community Edition with features to make it easier for resellers to administer multiple client instances, while maintaining optimum performance and security. It also facilitates data portability (export your data anytime), and simplifies compliance with privacy regulations by giving users peace of mind over exactly where their data is stored.

Autoize™ Marketing Automation for Resellers

  • White label with your agency’s name & logo
  • $3,440 agency onboarding fee
  • $100-$255/mo hosting for 10-30 instances
  • Uncapped contacts per instance
  • Set your own prices
  • Keep 100% of profits
  • Initial 1st year investment: $4.64K-$7.75K (10-30 instances)
Hubspot Solutions Partner Program
  • Hubspot owns the client relationship
  • $3,000 partner onboarding fee
  • $800/mo per Professional instance (min. 1 required)
  • 2,000 contacts included / instance (+ $225/mo per 5K contacts)
  • Plans & pricing are determined by Hubspot
  • 20% revenue share (paid quarterly)
  • Initial 1st year investment: $12,600 (1 instance)