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The Autoize™ Marketing Automation Solution for Resellers supports incorporating SMS actions and decisions in campaigns through the Twilio plugin for Mautic. The pricing for Twilio Messaging Service starts from $1.15/mo for a local US phone number, $2.15/mo for a toll-free number, and 0.79¢ per message.

With the plugin, it is possible to schedule sending text messages to Mautic contacts from a Twilio number with the Messaging Service. Then, through Twilio webhook support, Mautic is automatically notified of received SMS replies through a callback URL. Finally, the campaign can be configured with decision branches to parse the replies for custom strings (including wildcards) and take automated actions based on the reply. These actions can include modifying the contact’s segments and tags, sending a follow up text or email, or pushing the contact to a CRM. 

One campaign can feed into any number of other campaigns, and any combination of communication channels (email, SMS, push notifications, social) can be used within and across campaigns. This maximizes the timeliness & relevance of marketing touches to nurture your leads / prospects or reactivate your customers using Mautic.

Twilio is the same service that major web platforms use for SMS verification, two factor authentication, app notifications, and opt-in marketing campaigns. Agencies can provide their clients with the same powerful capabilities by reselling our marketing automation solution with a drag-and-drop campaign builder. Mautic helps SMS marketers keep track of messaging consent and honor recipients’ opt-out requests (e.g. marking contacts as Do-Not-Contact when they reply with STOP) to comply with laws such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the US.

Twilio supports text messaging with numbers in 150+ countries, with the option of local or toll-free numbers. A Twilio account can be configured with multiple sub-accounts, where billing is consolidated under the parent account, but each sub-account has its own phone numbers, usage reporting, and unique Account SID and Auth Token. This can simplify setup and administration for agencies who provide SMS marketing capabilities to end clients of their marketing automation platform.

Mautic SMS Campaign Screenshots