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The Autoize™ Marketing Automation Infrastructure stack augments Mautic with features that are tailored to resellers such as marketing agencies or consultants. Adding marketing automation hosting to your service list can generate monthly recurring revenue for your business. Our solution helps agencies “go to market” quickly with a subscription software business model, without the need to hire and manage developers. The passive income from subscriptions can go a long way towards supplementing your agency’s fluctuating revenue from marketing or design services that are billed on a time-and-materials or deliverables basis.

Rather than “reinventing the wheel” by developing a completely new product from scratch, at the heart of the stack is the Mautic open source software. Mautic was founded in 2014, and was acquired by Acquia, the developers of Drupal, in 2019. Acquia provides financial support to the Mautic community to support the development of the community edition of Mautic, much like the arrangement that Automattic has with WordPress.

Why would an agency’s CEO or Managing Director want to custom brand the Mautic open marketing platform with their firm’s name, logo, and brand colors? The consulting expertise and approach that each agency offers to their client base is unique. Whenever a client logs in to their marketing automation dashboard, for example, to check the results of a campaign, the white labeling consciously reminds them that the software is provided as part of the agency’s overarching solution, including consulting and services. 

The custom branding tool in our marketing automation solution provides point-and-click customization of the following aspects of Mautic: 

  • Name in the page titles and footer
  • Colors in the Mautic interface
  • Sidebar logo 
  • Login logo
  • Dashboard favicon

The white labeling tool that ships with our stack can also be used to brand a specific client’s instance of Mautic with their name and logo, instead of that of the agency. This option is ideal for use cases where the in-house marketing team will be regularly using the dashboard themselves, and marketing automation should have the same “look and feel” as other services provided by the internal IT team. Additionally on the Enterprise tier, we provide support for configuring Single Sign On (SSO) where Mautic roles and users are centrally managed through a LDAP/AD or cloud directory connected with an identity provider (IdP). 

When you resell Mautic using our solution, we want you to feel that you are launching your own marketing automation platform, and starting your own marketing automation business. With other competitors’ agency partner programs, the dashboards are hard-coded with the software provider’s branding, not to mention their pricing and commission tiers. With the Autoize™ Marketing Automation Reseller Program, you set the prices and keep 100% of the profits on your own white labeled product. 

Mautic Custom Branding for Agencies