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Mautic Contact Record & Mautic Plugins Screenshots

The Autoize™ Marketing Automation Solution for Resellers is built on a stack of mature, open-source technologies. We integrated these components into a complete solution for marketing agencies who are looking for an alternative to marketing automation subscriptions.

As open-source software, the Mautic core is available to download and install on any compatible hosting provider. Since 2014, Mautic has made powerful email marketing, segmentation, and targeting tools accessible to organizations who prefer an open platform with the ability to:

  • Upload any compliant contact list
  • Avoid escalating charges from per-contact pricing
  • Choose where their business data is stored & protected

Most marketers are not tech specialists, so the know-how required to properly setup & configure Mautic was an obstacle to implementation. It practically required an IT team to support, with inconsistent deployment methods leading to unexpected technical issues.

Marketing Automation Stack logos

Fortunately, there’s a better way. Our turnkey solution built on Docker infrastructure can address the challenges of Mautic system administration for your agency’s clients. With a few clicks from a graphical dashboard, you can deploy an instance of Mautic for a new client. In just minutes, you’ll have a fresh set of Mautic credentials to begin the onboarding process.

Marketing Automation Infrastructure Components

  • Mautic Marketing Automation
  • Docker Engine with Swarm orchestration
  • Traefik Edge Router for service discovery
  • Portainer Management UI
  • LAMP (Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

The use of a master Docker image ensures a repeatable, consistent deployment — with all the required dependencies for Mautic. Cron is pre-configured so that Mautic’s automations work out of the box.

Security, of course, is not an afterthought. Containers ensure that each instance is securely isolated from other instances, even with multiple clients residing on the same server. Traefik automatically discovers new containers, and handles SSL cert provisioning and renewal.